Well, here I am posting my first blog to my new website. Being a computer-phobe, I had to chew my fingernails several times this evening while my DH set up this system. (I’m always convinced that I’m going to accidentally delete the World Wide Web with a click of my mouse.)
I’m intending this blog to be a record of my personal journey toward the publishing process. As a writer, you dream of the moment someone offers you a contract to publish your book. Then you realize that the process is just a new beginning and a whole new set of hurdles awaits you!
I decided five years ago after a series of life changing ‘moments’ that I would make a serious attempt to write a book. I wasn’t sure whether that book would be a straight historical novel or a romance novel. As I ploughed through my first draft, I realized that the relationships and the characters meant more to me than the plot-hence a romance writer was born!
My first effort ended up at 140,000 words. I was proud just to have achieved my goal-then I decided it was worth trying to get it published. Move forward three years, numerous rejections, and two more novels completed and I find an agent. I also joined the Romance Writers of America got feedback from contests and critique partners and just kept writing every day.
Slowly, I discovered my ‘voice’ and my style. My agent suggested I write to my strengths which included very sensuous and dark storylines. The one thing I’ve learned about writing is that, no matter what fiction you choose to write, you have to push yourself outside your comfort zones and not be afraid to try something different and courageous.
The story which finally helped me achieve publication with Ellora’s Cave, was written with all the courage I could muster. I turned off that internal editor and blocked out my relative’s shocked faces and just allowed myself to write whatever I wanted to. The result was “Eden’s Pleasure” a Regency-set novella which is a dark erotic romance.