I’ve always wondered who decides what goes on the cover of a book. Apparently, the cover can make or break the book as the average reader only takes about ten seconds to make up their mind whether or not they are going to buy. That’s a very short space of time! In recent years, romance covers have gone through a variety of styles ranging from the classic ‘clinch cover’ to flowers, pastels and more recently, cartoon styles.
I’ve heard from authors who love their covers and those who despair over them, so with thoughts of my own upcoming book, I was interested to see how an e-publisher would deal with the issue. So far, I’ve been impressed by the input I’ve been asked for. It’s good to know that someone will take my thoughts and try to come up with something that fits not only the image of the publisher and the book but my personal style or brand.
The concept of branding and marketing are also impacting the average romance writer. Like most authors, I thought my job was finished when I wrote the book and set up my website. I assumed someone else would do everything else for me. Not so anymore. Apparently, I need to come up with a ‘high concept’ pitch for my books and a particular author brand.
Don’t hold your breath-I’m still working on it…