As you might have noticed, if you look at the first page of my website, (and if you haven’t-go take a look now, we’ll wait for you) I’ve received the cover art for “Eden’s Pleasure”. I was a bit worried about how it would look. I went to a workshop in Reno RWA called “When bad covers happen to good writers”, it was meant to be funny but one author did mention that a particularly bad cover once set her back thousands of sold copies resulting in less orders for her next book etc etc.

One evening last week, my editor sent me an email with the cover attached. For some reason, the cover hadn’t actually attached itself. I spent the whole night worrying about it. Of course, when it finally arrived the next morning I was so excited. It had all the elements I’d requested, sexy, subtle, elegant and dark. It’s the kind of cover I would pick up for another look if I was in a book store (and to be honest, I spend way too much time and money in bookstores already!).

I think I’ve emailed it to almost everyone I’ve ever met on this planet. It’s so weird to see my name-on a BOOK-surreal, in fact. It’s been my dream for so long and here it is. I printed off a copy to put on my desk so that I can stare at it and marvel at how big my name is. (Childish but true). It’s a great feeling.

In other news-my delightful children-well , three of them, returned to school this week leaving me to the tender mercies of my 3 year old who wants me to ‘play’ dollies with her. All her games end up with me being a baddie who captures all the princesses and ties them up. She also insists that Princess Beona should marry Prince Charming rather than Shrek. I’m not sure why-but it’s amazing that a 3 year old with 3 big brothers still wants to play at falling in love and being rescued. I’ll have to lay off the Disney dvd’s.

I also got a new car after trading in my gas guzzler. It’s odd being down close to the ground again but a joy being able to park without a man following me around with a flag and a measuring tape. The new car has so many gadgets in it that I’ll need to ask my kids to explain them to me. Meanwhile, I’m still locking them out of the car and failing to press the start button then wondering why the engine won’t work. I’ll get there eventually.