I realized recently, that on my other blog, (the one that stays within a small loop of writers and allows me to gripe a lot), I’ve been getting a bit grim. I suppose I’ve got to the point in my writing career where I realized that it’s just me against the odds. I have a bad feeling that anyone reading my posts over there must be thinking getting published isn’t quite the joyful, liberating experience they thought it might be.
Well it is. (honestly!)
But-I find I have a tendency to grit my teeth and get all ‘driven’ when I get a partial or a full manuscript rejected or a contest entry trashed. I’ve been there so many times-but I’ve finally realized that it’s just not worth agonizing over these things. Now I just write.. In the last year as well as getting published by Ellora’s Cave, I’ve finalled and won some RWA contests, had three fulls rejected and at least ten partials.
You have to make a choice. Give up or keep going. That’s a decision only the individual writer can make. After the dejection of rejection, you have to make up your mind. How much do you want it? How much is it worth to you? Of course, it’s probably easier for me to make these lofty statements now that I’ve had some validation.(g) But I want more. I want to have lots of books published in different sub-genres.
I think it’s my Irish fatalistic streak showing, mixed with some English grit. All I can do is write. I love to write, It’s as important to me as breathing. The rest is out of my hands.
Have I depressed everyone on this blog now?
Let me end on a happy note.
I’ve survived a whole day with 4 kids on my own while Mr Kate heads off to China!