I’m in that circling pattern that plagues most writers from time to time. My agent’s sending out my work, I’m editing other stuff and writing new stories. Nothing very exciting to blog about really. Although, I have finally got a grasp on my latest plot. I can see the end, I finally know what my character’s are thinking and there’s only a quarter of the first draft left to write. That’s always a good feeling.
So I thought, now that we’re getting comfortable on this blog I’d mention a couple of things I truly love.
1. Chocolate-OK, everyone loves chocolate. But I’m a Brit. Every so often I have to make a pilgrimage to the British grocer’s seven miles away and buy good British chocolate. I also buy Heinz baked beans which apparently are the shop’s biggest seller, apart from the chocolate. Why buy these beans when Safeway has 200 different kinds? I can’t explain-it just has to be the Brit version on my toast.
Let me get back to the chocolate-a fellow blogger (thank you Wendy) mentioned Galaxy chocolate in one of her blogs. I’ve been craving that particular kind all week. So today I got a Galaxy ripple and ate it on the way back in the car-heaven! Hershey’s make a version of Cadbury’s here but it’s not as good-I can detect the difference in a blind testing (sad but true).
I so love Cadbury’s that I even decorate my Christmas tree in its honour-imagine purple (for the wrapping) and gold (for the gold paper within) and you’ve got the general idea.

2. Handbags-OK, everyone has a purse but I’m a purse addict. Some might say my addiction leads me to peculiar behavior. I don’t really like to use my nice purses. I’d rather keep them wrapped up in their little soft cloth bags and keep them in the box they came in. My favorites? Louis Vuitton, Gucci and top of the tree, Lulu Guinness.
I don’t get the shoe thing-I suppose I should being a baglady but I don’t care about my feet. I’d rather not wear any shoes at all. I’ve told everyone that I want my favorite red LV bag to go in the coffin with me when I die-is that good forward planning or just plain morbid?

I also love cricket, Tetris, rugby and football (the European kind). I’ll wait for a lull and bore you with those another day.