As you might have guessed, I’m not really a Californian. I was born and bred in Britain where cookies are biscuits, biscuits are scones and panties are knickers. I try very hard to live up to the homemaker homebaker image most of my American friends carry off with ease but I reckon I don’t have the cookie gene.

Everytime I make cookies, brownies or pie something goes wrong. My kids used to dread my brownies. They either come out like bricks or goo. I’m not even talking complicated stuff here, I’m talking out of a box brownies. I’ve even stood over my friends taking notes and still managed to destroy something.

Today I made pumpkin pies-pre-baked pie cases, of course and pumpkin out of a can. To my surprise, they came out OK, apart from the burned to a cinder edge. After seven years here, perhaps I’m finally getting it.

The other American tradition I’ve fallen in love with is bull-riding on OLN. Not a lot of this in the UK! I can just about ride a horse so watching some crazy guy stay on the back of a bull for eight seconds makes me feel even more inadequate. Mr Kate and I even went to Las Vegas last year to watch one evening of the finals. I’ve never seen so many cowboys before in my life. It was quite a thrill for this writer, purely for research purposes of course…

Finally l really should get back to writing. I’ve completed my second set of edits, found an excerpt and written a blurb with a lot of instant help from my online crit team at rocking RWAOnline-thank you guys. Hopefully all will be acceptable to the publishing gods. I’m also starting the KIA challenge which is a contest for page count during the month of October-Go Historical Hotties!!