I promised to answer my own question from the previous blog about Georgette Heyer and her wonderful books. There is a link to a great site all about her on my website-(on the links page suprisingly enough). She wrote her first book at the age of nineteen and just kept going. I love her stories, her heroes are to die for, her heroine’s are witty, beautiful and enterprising and her feel for the Regency time period is unmatched.

Am I gushing? Not really. If there hadn’t have been a Georgette Heyer there wouldn’t be a recognizable romance sub-genre called “Regency”. She was the first person to write it and her books are still in print thirty years after her death and more than half a century since she wrote the first one.

My favorites have varied depending on how old I was when I read them. I prefer her slightly later books with older heroines and less typical situations. I spent all week trying to work out my favorite three books and I still keep changing my mind-but here goes:

1. “Venetia”-Damarel is my favorite hero. He’s cynical, tainted by scandal but immensely careful in his dealings with the heroine. Veentia’s sense of humor and pure goodness make her lovable too.
2. “These Old Shades”-again an older hero who’s seen it all. a young heroine who sees through his coldness and loves him anyway.
3. “Friday’s Child”-because the hero has to grow up when he makes an impetuous marriage.

Coming in a close fourth; “The Nonesuch” An Infamous Army” “Frederica” and “The Grand Sophy”

Favorite heroes? Damarel, The Duke of Avon and Alverstoke.
Favorite heroines? Venetia, Barbara Childe and Hero Wantage

Now I’m going to be plagued by all those I’ve missed out, but if you’ve read any of her books or intend to, this might be a good place to start!

Now on to writerly stuff. I’ve written my prologue for the new new version of BRANDED-I hope it’s ok, although it ended up long enough to become a new chapter. I’ll send it off this week-so fingers crossed.
I got my release date for Eden’s Pleasure (March 9th 2006) and an ISBN number-ok I’m a dork enough to be excited by having an ISBN number…
My CP’s seem to be enjoying my much revised medieval novel which takes some of the more traditional medieval cliche’s and turns them around. It was fun to write something so raunchy and straight forward after the Regencies. I’ve edited 20,000 words out of it already so it’s cleaner and meaner.
I’m in the final stages of another erotic romance and I’m pleased with it so far.

One of my friends came back from a trip to the UK and brought me a huge bag of Galaxy chocolate (thanks Lorraine) I’m in chocolate heaven …
I’m off to the UK on NOv 24th to celebrate one of my sister’s 25th wedding anniversary. It will be fun to go BY MYSELF (I have 4 kids) and great to see everyone gathered in one place which makes my trip so much easier.

I’m thinking about new books to write at the moment. I can’t decide between the futuristic one, the third in a Regency trilogy or something completly different! Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?