Here in sunny Northern California, the air is starting to get a little nip to it. It’s time to abandon the bare feet, get the socks out and face the annual humiliating ritual of trying to find a pair of boots to fit me. I’m a fairly average American size ten. I have long arms and tiny skinny wrists, like my father’s side of the family. From my mother I inherited the dreaded ‘cankles’

As Mr. Kate occasionally points out to me in a helpful way,(as if I hadn’t noticed),I have no ankle. I just have a sturdy lower leg and a foot. Imagine, if you must, an upturned 2 litre bottle of soda-that’s what the bottom half of my leg looks like. So every year I dream about finding a pair of boots that will stretch over my cankles and leave me looking cool, sophisticated and dashing in an Emma Peel, Avengers kind of way.

I don’t go into shops anymore and actually try on boots-oh no-I gave that up a few years ago when being red-faced and lying on the floor trying to pull the blasted things up lost its appeal. Mr Kate got a bit tired of the tears and depression on the journey home afterwards which was understandable.

I tried mail order-extra wide, guaranteed to fit cankles. Not mine. I currently have yet another pair sitting in my closet waiting to be sent back. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to do that.

But I have found something that fits. The rumor that I took up Western horseriding just so I had a legitimate excuse to wear cowboy boots is not true-but hey-it’s a bonus. I love my wide roomy cowboy boots. Now my English riding zip up ankle boots worn with black breeches make me look like Max Wall-not a pretty sight.

Every year all my sisters call my mother and complain about our cankles , even the skinny ones. She just sighs and mutters about genetics and that we all got good skin from her or something equally unhelpful.

Hope dawns on the horizon-my sister sent me a catalogue for a company called DUO in the UK who offer Italian boots-get this-you measure the widest part of your cankle/calf and send it to them and they send you the boots to fit! I bet the genuis who thought that up has cankles or very thin legs which I understand can also cause a problem for the bootally challenged. The only problem is the exchange rate, the cost of postage and other mundane facts of real life.

I’m hoping I can persuade Mr Kate that buying me a pair of said boots would save him money in the long run, considering all that return postage, as well as stopping the yearly tears, and making me look absolutely fabulous!

Still writing and editing like mad-honest!

OK_since a few people have asked me-here’s the URL for the boots!