I couldn’t think of a nice meaty subject for my blog over the weekend. And today, I realized why. I’m a bit like the last bit of butter in the dish-being spread too thin. That’s probably why I can’t focus on one single blog worthy subject-so instead I’ll give you a few random thoughts to chew on.

Food is on my mind as it’s Halloween tonight. I’ve eaten too much candy and I feel a bit hyper but not in a good way. My daughter who is three is finally getting the hang of the whole “Trick or Treat” spiel-she sounded quite professional-her little friend who is only two kept shouting “Chuckie Cheese!” instead which confused a few people.

I’ve been reading Daisy’s blog and enjoying her take on the whole diet thing. I gave my little rant about jeans over there and I’ll repeat it here. Everyone knows that boot cut jeans are the best shape for almost every woman who is shaped like a woman-they balance out the curves. But a lot of us have had kids and displaying our belly buttons is not a good idea unless we want to scare people. (Well I mean me here but I’m sure there are others!) I want a decent pair of jeans that sits just below my waist and is boot cut-please!

I made the mistake of dripping a bit of tea on my keyboard today-when I removed said tea, I realized that the rest of the keyboard was yucky-one clean bit does that sometimes doesn’t it? Then in yet another effort to avoid writing anything, I got a big paper clip and started fishing ‘stuff’ out of the cracks-eeew. tomorrow I’m going to have to clean it properly.

For some reason, writing at the moment is like pulling teeth. I’ve almost finished the first draft of my latest erotic romance, thanks mainly to my KIA month which really helped me force out the pages. But the month has ended and I’ve run out of steam. I gave myself the weekend off and hopefully, this week I’ll finish the thing. I’m actually quite pleased with it overall, although I seem unable to write a simple straightforward story-they always become dark and complex. I can’t just leave things-I have to go back and layer and layer to get it right. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to!

My three friends, Gina B, Maria G and Debra P are gearing up for the American Title II contest. It’s going to be fun cheering them on!

My British friend, Wendy aka as Portia Da Costa, has her Ellora’s Cave book “Lessons and Lovers” coming out on the same day as mine-what a coincidence! We both get a nice color add in Romantic Times which will hopefully make our books sell gazillions of copies.

I added a new print to my Regency Gallery. I bought it through ebay because she reminded me of Eden the heroine of my novella. Such a beautiful face with such a naughty twinkle in her eye!

Still waiting on many ms. Still writing although it’s not feeling great at the moment. Any body else feel like that these days?

Oh and Mr Kate, the big sweetie said OK to the Duo boots for Xmas-you have to love him really!