I’ve written myself into the ground this year…I thought I’d completed three full ms, but it dawned on me today that it’s actually been four. I’ve been trying so hard to achieve my dream that I’ve managed to drain the creative wells dry. So for this month, I decided to cut back my writing and concentrate on myself. I’m going to read lots of books. Get out and spend some time with our paint horse, Prince and generally give myself a break.

When your lip starts trembling when someone you trust critiques your stuff and one more rejection from an editor makes you blub-it’s time to review and slow down. That’s where I am at the moment. I’m taking a class on ‘voice’ just for myself, no pressure, no re-writes, no editors.

So instead of blogging about boring old me, I decided to share some current book releases by some fantastic historical authors, all of whom have helped me with information, hugs and other useful stuff along the path to publication. I’ve also put up a link (well Mr Kate did) on the left hand side of this page to YOUR VIRTUAL BOOK BAG where you can go and look at some interesting blogs, (including mine) and some fine book releases.

I particularly like the fine young man featured on Teresa’s book cover, don’t you?

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Loving Miranda

Loving Miranda Cover

Author: Teresa Bodwell
Title: Loving Miranda
ISBN: 0-8217-7816-1
Publisher: Kensington, Zebra Historical Romance
Release: October 2005

Teresa Bodwell announces the release of her second western historical novel, a sequel to her debut, Loving Mercy.

Benjamin Lansing is on his way to paradise with a short detour to nowhere. His brother left some unfinished business when he died. Ben aims to set things right and get out. He has no intention of allowing a pretty little distraction like Miranda to keep him from his goal. Even if that spark of life in her eyes threatens to melt the layers of reserve he’s taken a lifetime to build . . .

Miranda Chase knows exactly what she wants–a settled life with a steady man who will treat her right. She has no time for a smooth talkin’ city slicker who makes her heart race like a wild stallion when he touches her. Only a fool would try to lasso and break a man like Ben. Or a woman reckless enough to follow her heart . . .

Reviews“LOVING MIRANDA will bring a lump to your throat and tears to your eyes.”
Betty Cox, NovelTalk Reviews www.noveltalk.com

“Sweet and touching, yet as rugged as the wild west . . .”
Kathe Robin, Romantic Times BookClub.

“Ms. Bodwell has created a riveting story in this sequel to Loving Mercy.” LA (Leanne Davis), Rendezvous.

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Debut historical by bestselling author Lucy Monroe

Touch Me by Lucy Monroe
1st in Sensual Regency Historical Trilogy
ISBN 0-4252-0531-2
Berkley Sensation touch me cover

In her newest love story, bestselling author Lucy Monroe invites you into a world of dazzling beauty, daring adventure, and sensual delight…

Outspoken, opinionated Thea Selwyn is no ordinary lady. Raised in the exotic West Indies, she has none of the starchy propriety Pierson Drake is accustomed to—rather, there is a lush sensuality about this impulsive beauty that tempts him unmercifully. Her delectable curves and wide, innocent eyes are enticing enough, but her breathless response to his touch is a lure he can’t resist.

On a voyage that takes them from tropical paradise to the glittering ballrooms of London, Thea and Drake are pulled into a firestorm of illicit passion. Thea knows that once they reach England, the secrets she’s been keeping will kill whatever Drake feels for her. But Drake’s own history has taught him the value of acceptance and the desolation of loss. Thea is the one women Drake has ever trusted with his heart, and he has no intention of losing her— not to the ghosts of the past or the threats of the present. But can he convince Thea to forget the hard lesson she’s learned and take a chance on love?


Lucy Monroe has once again captured the essence of love and put that into a book that will keep you glued to your seat. Touch Me is the perfect title for this tender romance. 5 Stars ~ A Romance Review

TOUCH ME is the quintessential historical romance with exceptionally drawn characters and a unique, absorbing plot. ~ Carolyn Crisher, Romance Reviews Today

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I’m getting so flashy with the links now, that I’ve also added one for the RWAOnline cybersignings which you can click on and it will take you to a place where you can buy a signed copy of some of my chapter-mates latest books. The book will be signed personally to you, or whomsoever you want, (if you are still in denial about your romance reading habit and pretend they are for your Auntie Flo).