I’m back from ‘Blighty’. It was great to see my family and spend some time with them. The worst thing was the weather. It was freezing!! I’d forgotten just how chilly it gets there in November. I realized I’m becoming a Californian if only in Weather choices.

My sister and her husband has their 25th wedding anniversary party at the local cricket club. I was so cold that I couldn’t bring myself to take off my coat until I’d been there about an hour, had a drink and strutted my stuff on the dance floor. I’m definitely getting old. Most of the tunes were way too fast for me!

My mother tried to get a good photo of all six of her daughters-yet again-we try this every year and someone is always unhappy with the result. The one I have up in my kitchen at the moment is particularly bad but it will have to do until something better comes around. My sister’s two grown up kids hosted the party for them and had many wonderful and positive things to say about their parents. I can’t imagine my kids ever doing that at the moment.

I also got my Duo boots-brown leather, Isola style (just in case you checked out their website). They actually fit me. it’s a miracle. I love them already.

I held my first contest on the website this month to celebrate the release of the book. Someone actually emailed me because she thought my question was way too easy. Well, I know that, but you’d be surprised to learn that some people actually got it wrong…A lot of kind acqaintances entered and even more people I’d never heard of-even better. This gives me a vague hope that someone out in cyberland might actually have read my book.

On the writing front, I’m still busy doing my ‘voice’ class and learning a lot. I’ve spent the whole weekend so far going through a requested full and trying to plug any plot holes before I consign it to cyber space and an editor’s decision on Monday. Still waiting to hear on another, so busy busy busy here. I haven’t written a single (new) word for two weeks. I feel more like a box shifter trying to find the door rather than a creative person.

Mr Kate, having survived five days with the kids, has now decided that I can’t leave the house for more than two hours without permission. I do feel for the man as my 3 year old forced him to watch Cinderella eight times in three days. He’s off to Hong Kong for a week so payback time has arrived already.

So glad to be back at my little desk -in the sun!!