Did I mention how cold it was in England? (only about 300 hundred times I know, get over it) but I keep thinking about the Christmas lights on Regent St and Bond St, the chance of snow, the dark winter evenings when the frost makes you slide around when you come out of the pub…ah, nostalgia is a wonderful thing when you don’t actually have to live there…in the cold!

I’ m busy catching up from my trip to England. Normally I’m one of those horribly organized people who gets all the shopping done by the end of November. Not this year. I’m still scrambling around trying to send presents to England, let alone get anything for anyone here. Mr Kate goes into Bah Humbug mode at Xmas as well. He takes the huge drain on his bank account rather personally. I keep telling him that my immense royalties from my book will make up for his gloom but he doesn’t seem to be convinced…

I have a few other potential writing projects up in the air at the moment. I won’t mention them in great detail because if I do, I’m sure the Fates will decide I’m far too confident and make everything fall through. (superstitious-me?). I finally wrote a few new words this week which felt good. although most of my time is spent revising/editing requested work.

Next year I intend to become Career Kate-ok, after one measly published book I can scarcely say I have a career, but it’s a start. I intend to get something else published if it kills me. I have loads of ideas and just need some time to write (don’t we all).

This evening I had an early Christmas dinner with my four critique partners who put up with my extremely large turnover of work and even say nice things about it if pushed. We’ve all had our successes this year-even if it was only managing to write a word with two small children needing attention. Their support is invaluable and I’m just glad they put up with me. I got a beautiful chocolate flavoured candle as my gift-can you imagine how great that is? Chocolate and no calories!

I’ll finish on a good note. having agonized over not getting any reviews and then finally getting one, I was lucky enough to receive a review from some one who really liked my book. Even better, from my point of view, she ‘got’ what I was trying to say. I know everyone says you shouldn’t set much store by them, but it was still a thrill to me! You can read the whole review at www.katepearce.com/Reviews.html