I just had the humiliating experience of being sat down at my computer by my 14 yr old son and instructed in how to upload and download songs for my ipod…he was very snippy with me and apparently I don’t take instruction well. In the course of his tuition I accidentally deleted the link to my ipod by doing the classic ‘what does this button do?-click’ resulting in another ten minute lecture from my tutor.
Worse still, Mr Kate came along and the pair of them stood talking about my technical limitations over my head (literally.)Mr Kate even had the nerve to suggest that I am technically challenged!!

Okay it wasn’t as bad as the cell phone diatribe I had to endure a few weeks ago when the 14 yr old shouted at me for at least 15 mins about how my habit of not turning on my phone was not funny-it just showed how immature I was. He even showed me how the volume control worked and that having it on one didn’t help. (I didn’t even know where the volume control was) Funny how I hear my own voice coming back at me sometimes…

Anyway I’m still full of beans about the book sale and wondering how I’m going to adapt the website-somehow I don’t think drawing a cowboy hat on my beautiful Regency lady will hack it somehow? So that means yet more technical discussions with Mr Kate and 17 year old son who will again fix me with those withering looks when I don’t understand what they are talking about.

I think I’ll just get back to the writing part.