The last few days our weather has been weird. We moved to California confident that we would be avoiding the British ‘four seasons in one day’ kind of weather we grew up with. But the last week has reminded me forcibly of home. The strange thing is that most of my friends here get this desperate ‘will the sun ever shine again-is this the end of the world?’ expression on their faces. I keep reminding them that 6 months of fairly decent weather will obliterate their fears and make them forget what they were worrying about.Because it does this every year and everyone forgets.

Anyway, enough about the weather and I’ll turn to another favorite British subject-gardening. We have gophers in our garden. Mr Kate is starting to plot fiendish ways to dispose of them. I bought him and my daughter ‘whackamole’ but it doesn’t seem to be working. My cat helps out by performing micro-surgery (without anaesthesia)on them and leaving the remains on the doormat, heads upright, complete with grinning buck teeth.

English people always have an opinion on your garden-usually that it needs a lot of work and casually grill you on such matters as compost, sun exposure and what you do to ward off greenfly-this interrogation is normally carried out by my Brit relatives right after a long plane journey when they really should be wandering around in a daze.

One example of this, was the first time I put my back out and went to the doctor in England. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was pruning my roses. He frowned and said-“It’s way too early to be doing that,” as if I deserved to get a bad back for being such a bad gardener. And that was also the first comment nearly everyone else made as well!

No more news on the Virgin ‘Cheek’ book except that it has an April 2007 publishing date. That seems a long way away but I suspect it will fly by. Forces are gathering to make me have a book party but I’m hoping the rumblings will die down if I just smile and keep quiet. I’m not really into that big author thing. All I’m looking forward to is holding a copy in my hand and licking the cover-(I’m sorry-it’s a long held dream of mine.)

For future blogs-I’m going to have some interviews with two of the Romantic Times ATII contest up here soon and I think the Virtual Book Bag ladies are also up to something contest-wise. You’ll be the first to know!