In my relatively short life time I’ve only spoken to a member of the police force (on official business on either side of the Atlantic) on three memorable occasions.

1. Mr Kate and I got told off for kissing and cuddling in the car by our local bobby in our courting days.

2. Our neighbors went through a messy divorce which ended up with the police visiting us for some information.

3. And this week I got my first ticket-ever…for doing 8 mph on a right turn on a red light without making a proper stop.

Luckily only 17 yr old son was in the car with me-if the other two had been in there I would’ve probably ended up with several tickets due to excessive back seat laughter or something. Apparently I have the option to go to traffic school. We don’t have that in England-somehow it doesn’t sound like fun. The traffic cop was very patient when I had no idea which documents he needed to see-luckily-thanks to Mr Kate-they were all in the car. He said I could do traffic school online-I wonder if this is better or worse? I feel like a real American now.

Its my new car’s fault really-all that sleek German perfection whispering away to me “Go faster Katie, go faster, you know you want to, I’ll keep you safe, I promise.”
I would never have been able to move that fast in my previous kid carriers I can tell you.

Not my best week ever. The cats are still duking it out although no more piles of fur are floating around. Both of the wonderful ATII finalists I had on my blog last week got booted out before the last round-(They were robbed!) Is there a curse on my blog? Who knows.

I failed to final in the RWA Golden Heart contest for the third year running. I don’t know why I thought I might-I had this lovely dream of accepting my trophy from Nora Roberts last night and her lending me Roarke for the evening…sad to say I woke up and no phone call. Of course, the good thing is that I have other fish to fry-as in books to write and get published so I’m not exactly devastated. I promised myself this would be third time lucky or never again and I think I’ll stick with that decision.

Mr Kate is off to Hong Kong tomorrow for at least a week so I’ll have to manage all by myself…sniff. The new kitchen appliances are due to arrive on Monday and Tuesday along with Kevin the fixer/fitter guy who reminds me of SpongeBob without the sense of humor-(I think it was the shorts and shirt combo that did it). Hopefully he will have everything well in hand and there will be no disasters…

Here’s hoping everyone else is doing better than me and that next week will be wonderful!!