Unfortunately, we had to take our new cat, Elvis/Dino back to the pound yesterday. Things have not been going well in our household despite the many excellent suggestions I’ve received and read about how to make them get on.

Jasper (resident feline) didn’t like it. And that was that. I’m sure most of you have seen the Terminator movies? Well you know in the second one when the T is being a policeman and he starts running people down? Well imagine that face and that speed and picture my cat pursuing a luckless Elvis through my house.Talk about determined.

I felt bad about taking him back. but there would’ve been ‘wigs on the green’ as my mother used to say. There were already huge clumps of gray hair everywhere-not a single strand of ginger though.I would’ve felt worse if he’d taken a bite out of him.

My children are not happy about the cat going either. They liked him more than Jasper who only likes me really and that’s iffy sometimes. My 4 year old daughter is distraught, not realizing that her chasing him about the house as well probably didn’t help the situation. I’ve promised she can help me pick a cat or dog ‘next time’ (which at the moment means ‘never’ but she doesn’t need to know that). (and she can’t read yet either so I’m safe for a while)

It’s still raining here and I’m almost beginning to expect it. I’ve been told we’ve been setting some kind of weather records in the Bay Area for the amount of rain. Apparently the reservoirs are full enough for the next two years-which is a good thing. I’m beginning to forget what the sun looks like though.

The results for the Virtual Book Bag contest are out-please don’t forget to see if you won anything!