Well, it’s pretty easy actually as I have fair English skin and the amazing ability to blush like a thirteen year old.
The particular blushing incident I’m referring to happened at my town library last week when I went to hear three local mystery writers speak. I’ve met all three of them before.

One: Anne Parker came to my writing class to tell us about her first book “Silver Lies” a historical mystery set during the silver rush in the 1800’s in a real town called Leadsville. She’s a wonderful knowledgeable lady.

Two: Simon Wood who writes mystery/horror and is a fellow escaped Brit. He also writes for “Writers Digest”. Simon is funny in that weird way we Brits call humorous.

Three: Penny Warner-author of over forty books including many non-fiction books on child rearing and a mystery series featuring a deaf heroine called Connor Westphal.

Penny is like our local Jennifer Crusie. She is tremedously supportive of new writers, runs a fantastic class to help people get published and loves to heckle her audience-in this case, read heckle me.

To be fair, she did ask me if it was okay to mention my book, which was nice of her. Of course I said no-but she ignored me anyway. By the time the evening had finished, I was an astonishing pink color but I suppose it was good for me and now fifty people who live in my town think my pen name is Kate X and that I write erotica…is it true that there’s no such thing as bad publicity?

Don’t get me wrong she was funny and not at all mean-It’s just me. I had to practice saying “I write erotic romance” for about 3 months before I could actually tell anyone. I can write the sex but don’t ask me to talk about it!!

The nice thing was that at the end someone tapped me on the shoulder and it was the librarian who very carefully wrote down all the details about my upcoming book in April 2007 and said she would be sure to get a copy. So that’s good. I’m quite impressed with the notion of being in a library!!

In other news the idyllic love story of me and Mr Kate came under severe strain when his laptop broke and he had to share my computer. I found it quite annoying-like letting someone else drive your car or look in your handbag. By Friday, things were tense and Mr Kate saw the wisdom of making a quick dash to pick up his laptop before I had to poison his coccoa. He kept tidying my desk-I believe he might even have dusted it and worst of all, he ate my Jelly Belly’s!! (and if you are reading this you still haven’t replaced them darling)

More books to promote next week but that’s it for now.