I was enjoying the last blog so much that I just kept it up there. But don’t ever worry about me running out of things to say people!(Cheri!)
After last weeks take-over of my blog by various family members, I’m pleased to say that normal service has been resumed-that is-you are back to boring old me.

In hot news, Ellora’s Cave have offered me a contract for a fantasy erotic romance called “Planet Mail” As I explained to Mr Kate, that’s a pun on the fact that the heroine delivers parcels for the United Planetary Parcel Service and she crash lands on a planet chock full of lusty male descendants of the Vikings who obviously were the greatest explorers in the universe.

Strangely enough at this point in my narrative Mr Kate got that pained look on his face he usually gets whenever I tell him about my books. I assumed he didn’t get the joke so I explained it a couple more times until he suddenly developed an urgent need to disappear into the garage and polish his carburetor or something.

And other news-as I know you all hold the wonderful Mr Kate in high regard-(I think he gets more comments on this blog than I do actually)-He got his Ferrari! It’s a Challenge Stradale -which probably means not a lot to most of us but ask a Ferrari buff and they can bore you for hours about what a great car it is. (I know from talking to Mr Kate-and he has the nerve to say my book plots are dull-go figure)

Anyway-the good thing is that I get to look cool in a Ferrari. He’s searching for a personalized number plate and has come up with various options. I said he should just go with ‘Mr Kate’ but he didn’t look too keen.

Youngest son had to finish his 7th grade science project this weekend. I took one look at the blank presentation board and all the stuff ready to stick on it and I had a mental freak-out. This is the third time I’ve had to do this and I’ve just about had it with school projects. I abandoned son to Mr Kate who is ‘very precise’ about such things and I typed up the captions and bits they needed as called for. Luckily I’ll have 9 years before daughter gets to 7th grade and by then I’ll be so famous that I’ll have an assistant to do such things for me. (No laughing in the back please)