First off a big shout out to my friend Jan Conwell whose first book came out this week with Triskelion publishing (you all know my lousy computer skills so don’t expect a link yet) Her book is called LUCKY BREAK and its a romantic contemporary slightly suspenseful fantastic read.

I was lucky enough to get to read it in its younger days so it will be fascinating to read the edited version and see just how many of my wonderful suggestions Jan wisely chose to ignore (just kidding, Jan)
I wanted to get this up and out while I go and figure out how to download the cover and blurb for you all. (again you know I have severe techno-phobia) but I’ll get it up there I promise! Or better still check out my links page, click on Jan Conwell’s blog and she can tell you all about it herself!

Speaking of my lack of computer skills-I ended up lacking a computer this weekend. My computer fried…it was a horrible moment as Mr Kate tried to work out what had gone wrong with it and I tried to stop blubbing like a 5 year old-pathetic I know.
Luckily they managed to save the motherboard so all my files were fine but I lost a lot of other things and have spent most of the last few days trying to find passwords, bookmarks, email addy’s etc.

So don’t forget-LUCKY BREAK BY JAN CONWELL FROM TRISKELION PUBLISHING-go get a copy now you won’t regret it!