It’s been a busy week. My daughter was sick and I spent three days with her tucked in my bed while I tried to write and deal with my other three kids. At one point I felt like I’d never see the sun again and every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was the white outline of my computer screen. Not healthy, not healthy at all!

But good things are happening too. My short story, “Changing Rooms” was accepted for the Virgin Black Lace anthology ‘Wicked Words-Sex and Shopping’ which comes out in Nov in the UK and December in the U.S. Anthologies are a great way to get your name out there. I often find a new author when I pick them up.

And as I mentioned-Ellora’s Cave offered me a contract for “Planet Mail” and are moving so fast that I’ve already got my first set of edits back on it! That’s a bit weird because I haven’t really had much time to detatch myself from the original yet. Usually it’s a while before something comes back to you and it’s easier to edit it because it all sounds new and possibly exciting. But this is my job now so I’d better get used to it! I suspect all the famous EC authors are off having a great time at the Romantic Times convention so my poor editor had to make do with me.

News of a different sort. I ended up doing my traffic school course on line and it was quite difficult to get my old brain working hard enough to process and remember all the stuff. I ended up taking notes which helped me pass the final exam by the skin of my teeth. Hurray! Now I just have to concentrate on not getting another ticket.

On Saturday, I was supposed to spend a nice day with Mr Kate up at the Infineon race track enjoying Ferrari hospitality and a cocktail party in Napa Valley. Unfortunately, I ended up looking after my poor daughter instead. Apparently Mr Kate had a lovely day…