Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but I did manage yet another technical snafu this week. Why is it that people (and when I say people I mean Mr Kate and the other younger male versions of him in my family) who are technically able always tell you that it’s impossible to do stupid stuff like, a) wipe the internet, b) destroy the world wide web c) mess up your ipod by just pressing a button.
Well I disagree. If you have technophobia like me, it’s perfectly easy to do any of the above without even trying.
In an effort to prove to Mr Kate that I was perfectly capable of using iTunes all by myself, I uploaded it to my new computer. somehow, during this process, (okay so I just happened to have my ipod connected at that moment because I was re-charging it-like I’m always being nagged to do) it deleted my entire song library…

Then of course I had to ask Mr Kate to help me. He came over with that familiar-god you are such an idiot-smile on and managed to retrieve my files and reload them. When I recounted the tale to my sons they all wore the same look…

Strangely enough, my 4 year old daughter decided to check out my computer the other day and when I came back she had managed to delete a whole manuscript of mine. Luckily I was able to save it with undo-but nice to see that she has obviously inherited my talents.

In other news-the website is due for a major overhaul as I just couldn’t work out how to combine Regencies, futuristic vikings and modern cowboys onto one front page. Mr Kate is hard at work on the site as I speak (well actually he’s off riding his horse but you get my drift)

Check out the fabulous new cover from Ellora’s Cave for Planet Mail on the front page of my website-if you click on it you get the bigger badder version. I am so pleased with it. He looks like such a nice erm healthy young man doesn’t he? here’s the link because I know most of you never go over there anymore and have probably forgoten it!

One small thing-I finally decided to call my website what it is-an erotic romance writer’s site. It’s taken me a year but the promote thyself woman! classes as administered by various friends and other writers are starting to make me feel able to call it what it is and be proud of myself.

We had a small earthquake last night. it was strange because normally they feel a bit like a train running through our house. This one was more like a pick up the house and shake it vertically kind of feeling. Apparently it was only a 3 point something, so no big deal.

Oh and waving at Christian and Charlie! Glad you like the car and make sure you keep Ceri informed of what I’m up to!