Mr Kate and I had one of those trying conversations with our 17 yr old son over the weekend. We thought he had decided what he wanted to do at college but a couple of months ago he started making these vague snuffling noises which indicated that things might be changing. And they have. So after preparing ourselves to pay up the big bucks for college, he’s now thinking he might go to community college and take it more slowly.

I love my kids but I can’t say I understand them. After this particular conversation, Mr Kate and I started fantasizing about what it would be like to choose our children rather than just be given them-(and yes I know it’s our DNA causing the problems here but so what).

We ended up creating what can only be described as a potential gold mine. Our new online contest If you can have fantasy football, baseball and PBR why not take it a step further?

Here’s how it works. Each parent gets to pick a child. The child has to be a) of an age to actually be your child so for example Mr Kate and I can’t pick Brad Pitt or Sigourney Weaver-too old to be ours unfortunately.
b)The child has to be a real living person.

For example. Mr Kate decided our new eldest son would be the 20 year old Formula One driver Nico Rosberg. Why you might ask? Because he seems like a nice presentable young man, he’s already earning enough money to keep us in luxury for the rest of our lives and-well this is a fantasy right?
I decided I’d pick Emily Hughes the Olympic figure skater who seems like such a nice girl.

Anyway to accumulate points in the game, your fantasy child is rated in a number of key areas: talent, earning potential, press, looks, gifts given to family etc etc-(obviously we are still working the details out here). Points will be given for wins, big checks, good public appearance. Points will be removed for appearances in the bad tabloids, excessive bling or tackiness, eloping etc
As the proud parent, you can track your new child’s achievments and glory in them and then track their lows and feel grateful that you don’t have to deal with them in real life.

So who would you pick and why?