I’m never sure whether to be delighted when school is out or horrified. I no longer have to drag three unwilling teenagers out of bed and into the car complete with all their belongings, so that’s a definite plus. But then they are just ‘there’ at home, either sleeping or complaining there is not enough food in the house. (Off on a tangent here but isn’t it weird? Teenage girls start getting super picky about what they eat, teenage boys eat anything that moves and then some.)

My little routine gets disrupted for a while until they settle down with each other or decide to make long visits to their friends which again is fine by me. Apparently our house is boring and other people’s parents are far more exciting and spontaneous. I tell them it’s hard to be spontaneous when you have four kids between the ages of 4 and 17. Finding something they all want to do together is virtually impossible.

I’m thinking a cruise might be worth trying soon. They are all captive on the ship but you don’t have to know what they are doing. Sounds ideal.

Mr Kate and I have a big wedding anniversary coming up in August (20 years)-and yes, I was twelve when I walked down the aisle. We’re hoping to do something exciting and interesting and romantic-(I’ve already vetoed the trip to the Ferrari factory in Italy which ain’t my idea of romantic.) We’re waiting on various ducks to fall into place before we can decide exactly what to do (have I mixed my metaphors here?)

Of course, my idea of romance isn’t quite the same as Mr Kate’s. Once when I was pregnant, he took me to London to see a show. Now I love musicals-love them. Instead we had second row seats for “Misery”-it was a great show but when Sharon Gless sawed off the author’s leg and dumped it in a bucket two foot from my nose-I almost threw up. But it’s the thought that counts right? and Mr K is very thoughtful.

Actually, it’s amazing he is still talking to me after the last two weekends when I’ve taken him on a wild goose chase to get tickets to see my all time favorite band Steely Dan-twice to the wrong concert venue…How was I to know that there were two stupid pavilion ampitheaters in my area? Okay so I jumped to a conclusion and didn’t actually read the instructions-but I tried. he should know by now to double check everything in my life that actually deals with reality.

Hope everyone is enjoying the new format for the website. I’m really pleased with it. I’m starting some promotion for my upcoming book release Planet Mail on July 5th-that’s July 5th people-the day after that big celebration you insist on holding! (I’ll pretend all those fireworks are for me!)

I have a couple of friends to promote bookwise, so those posts will be coming up during the week -when I work out how to downsize the covers! (Technophobia rules!)