Mr Kate went off to Hong Kong yesterday so I had the opportunity to have my breakfast in bed and watch the first half of England’s World Cup game against Ecuador all by myself. Mr Kate is a very fit man who goes to the gym voluntarily three times a week. But he’s not a great armchair sports fan. He prefers to do rather than to watch.

Now, obviously I’m the complete opposite. I love to sit and yell at the T.V-because I am a certified arm-chair critic. I know ‘everything’ about football-(not the American kind)-or at least I think I do. In the UK, they make you play everything at school even if you are really bad at it-hence I feel entitled to have an opinion!

I grew up in a family of 6 girls with two parents who loved sports. My mum was as avid a fan as my rugby playing dad. Rugby was ‘the’ sport but we weren’t proud, we watched everything and had an opinion on everything too. I shout, I scream, I leap off the couch. Most unlike myself really. My kids think I’m nuts, Mr Kate keeps out of my way but that’s okay. I enjoy myself.

A fine example of my dad’s love of rugby. My eldest sister insisted on getting married on the day Wales were playing the deciding match in the five nations rugby championship. When he stood up to give his speech at the reception, my dad looked at his watch and said, “Thanks for coming. The match starts in ten minutes. anyone who wants to watch it follow me back to my house”

So England-my team were playing Ecuador today. I almost can’t bear to watch them at the moment. so much talent and so so…blah. Where’s the passion? Where’s the energy?
But they won-thanks to Beckham who pulled off a spectacular free kick.

So a few days to calm down before I have to go through the agony again. I’m thinking of going down to the British pub in the next town to share the experience with my peeps as no one around me seems to get it. Okay-I am a sad person but I believe.

Oops-I forgot this blog is supposed to be about writing! I’ve got my lovely banner ad made by The Romance Studio up on my website-I’m looking forward to Planet Mail coming out on July 5th and will be running a contest. I also had the thrill of correcting my first set of paper page prints for my short story in the Virgin Sex and Shopping anthology. The cover is nice for that too. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for my cowboy book!