Well, not for the next four years anyway! Overall, it’s been a disappointing experience, despite the fantastic German hosts but that might be because I’m getting old and cynical. Lots of diving, ref nagging, play acting and a couple of spectacular fouls which would probably get you arrested if you tried it on the street. But then money rules over sportsmanship these days-and here I go again sounding like an old git.

On to other possibly more interesting things. Why aren’t more people entering my contest? Did I make the question too hard this time? Last time I made it super easy and even then a few people got it wrong…who knows. Maybe nobody wants a nice poster of Mr Yummy tummy.

I finished another shortish book this week and sent it in. Fingers crossed everyone that my editor likes it! I’m also trying to finish a short story which is due by the end of the month. As I’m going to the RWA conference in Atlanta, I need to get it done asap. I like writing the shorter books and I love writing short stories. It’s like instant gratification. Sometimes when you realize you’ve got 75,000 words left of a 100,000 word novel to write and you’ve run out of ideas it can get a little depressing.

Planet Mail is well and truly launched and I’ve had some nice feedback from some readers. I know I’m showing my newbie status here but I’ve actually had mail from people who like the book and don’t even know me! No bribery required. I kind of like that. Now, of course I have to wait for the reviews…

The RWA conference is coming up fast. This is my second one. Last year I was so shy I tried to blend in with the wallpaper which proved quite hard to do in a Reno hotel/casino. This year I told Mr. Kate I’m going to try and be a bit more outgoing-maybe make eye contact with people or something radical like that. The trouble is that Mr Kate is a damned attractive charming man so I tend to let him do all the socializing these days while I trail along behind, my eyes sweetly cast down in a Lady Di kind of way.

But I’m a published author now, I will have a ribbon (Mr Kate thinks the whole ribbon thing is hilarious-apparently they don’t have such things at computer conferences-I suspect he’s just jealous) I can walk proudly down the corridors-that is until someone asks me what I write and I stutter over the word erotic. Mind you, that’s an improvement on my first ever writing conference in San Francisco when I was asked what I wrote I said “books”