I think I’ve worked out why I’ve got two tickets this year and none in the preceeding fouteen years. It’s my car’s fault.

Up until just under a year ago I drove great big vehicles filled with my kids, their friends, their bags and anything else I could squeeze in there. Did I ever get stopped by the police? No, because I was too busy driving the monster things. But now after a mini rebellion, I have this beeyootiful BMW which truly wants me to drive faster.

And the police seem to like it too. After my second ticket this one was for not doing a full 3 second stop at a stop line (I did a 1 second stop apparently)I realized that I’m going to have to drive completely by the book for the next 18 months to avoid Mr Kate’s wrath about the insurance rates. That depressed me because I have this gorgeous car and I might as well have a pushbike.

What is the point of having said sexy car if I’m worried about being tempted to break that 3-second stop rule again? I told Mr Kate that if I do get stopped again, I’m not, (stopping that is)-I’m going to make sure I do something worthy of a ticket like speeding down the freeway the wrong way. Or I might leap out of the car and try and strangle the police officer at which point he will either shoot me or send me to jail. Mr Kate says that there is something very wrong with my value system if I’m willing to go that far just to prove a point but I think he’s just worried about being left with the kids.

So I think I’ll go back to driving the big 8 seater and leave the BMW for Mr K-which was probably part of his evil plan anyway.

Other news-We were thinking about getting a home help type of person who could take the boys to school, do a bit of housework and generally make our lives run smoother. The other day I passed Mr Kate a page of adverts for Nanny/homehelp type people. A little while later I found him and eldest son looking up aupairs on the computer.Both of them seemed very keen on the idea. I had to have a ‘little chat’ withthem both to straighten them out. Cheeky.

I’ve signed the contract for Antonia’s Bargain for EC. No idea when it will come out yet but I’ll let you all know as soon as I do.
I also sold a very sweet story to The Wild Rose Press a new internet publisher. It doesn’t even have a kiss in it! Can you believe it? Finally something my mother can read…

And a final piece of shameless self-promotion-if you have time, go and check out the Avon Fan Lit chapter contest. Mine is called “The Spy who left me” write a snarky comment, give me a star or 5 and I’ll be a happy girl!