I get the impression that many of you who read this blog think my life is full of rainbows, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. Well, it is, mainly because my daughter insists that I must dream about these things every night, and sometimes it isn’t because I have 3 teenage sons who are kind of gross.

Today, my glamorous life involved buying vast quantities of cleaning products and gallons of milk at Target. Of course I also had to fork out mega dollars for the necessary piece of over-sized pink plastic my daughter insists she needs-I believe we’re into Littlest Pet Shop now having bought up every bit of Polly Pocket available.

Back to the cleaning products. Two of my teenage sons share a bathroom. I hate going in there because they are seriously disgusting. No one ever throws out a shampoo bottle or shower gel, puts a toilet roll on the hanger or cleans out the bath. They both insist it is the other’s job/fault if the place gets dirty.

This time the bath has soap scum, long hair and unmentionables floating around in an inch of soapy water. I had to forsake my environmental concerns and resort to Drano and clean the bath. Mr Kate refuses to go into their bathroom because he fears he might kill someone (and he’s probably right for cleanliness is his god) So guess who has to do it?

So my life isn’t always full of chocolate bunnies. But, okay, I am still very lucky.

People keep telling me how sad I’ll feel when my kids leave home to go to college or get jobs. I look at them funny and think, hell NO! I was one of those mum’s who danced away from school on the first morning cackling with joy. I want a portion of my life back please! I love them all but still…can I have my life back please?
My own mother insists that you never quite get rid of them even when they are old and she should know. My dad always said that the wedding present he wanted from each of us when we left was our house key-I think he was joking.

Writing news-more jelly beans! I’ve been offered representation by The Knight Agency! Amazing but true! I’ll get the website and blog up on my site asap (or asamkgrti as soon as Mr Kate gets round to it) I’m looking forward to a new challenge.

Things I’ve learned since living in the USA
1. You can put mail in your mail box as well as take it out (only took me 2 years to figure that out)
2. When someone asks you what state you are in, they don’t mean mental.
3. Herb is pronounced ‘erb’ like the French but coupe is pronounced coop and not coopay (like the French)
4. Fags are not cigarettes and rubbers are not for erasing pencil marks
5. People get concerned when you tell them the Brits put a Guy on the fire and burn him to celebrate Bonfire night.

There are more but I’ll get to them next week!