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Really delighted to get the cover for Antonia’s Bargain, my Regency-set erotic romance. It’s due out on January 10th. I think they’ve done a beautiful job. It’s subtle, dark and sexy. Who can ask for more?

It’s been a chaotic week for various reasons. My brain seems to be trying to do too many things at once (what’s new?)

On the family front, I almost managed to run my own child down when I dropped him off at school. I didn’t realize that he was still holding on to the side of the car when he bent to pick up his bag and off I went. I heard this thunking sound and immediately stopped when I realized I couldn’t see son #2 anymore. The dog fell off the back seat as I stopped so suddenly so no one was happy with me. I dashed out of the car to check son and he told me in no uncertain terms to go away because I was embarrassing him (did I mention he’s 15?)Realizing he had no injuries, I grinned at him and went to get in the car, only to notice that rather a lot of people were staring at me as if I was an ax murderer…he told me later that one of his friends said, “Dude, your mom was laughing at you.” Son shrugged and said “Yeah, she’s cool like that.”

I need son #2 to show me how to use Myspace properly. So far I have a measly 14 friends and no idea what I’m doing. Mr Kate doesn’t do Myspace so it’s back to begging help from the kids. So embarrassing.

Check me out!

I’m also way behind on the xmas shopping and still have a few cards to send across the ocean to my lovely British family and friends. The tree hasn’t gone up yet either as Mr Kate has just left for Beijing. He just called me from the plane to tell me he got upgraded to business class so he was a very happy bunny indeed!

I’m sure there is more that I’m supposed to be telling you. Ah yes! I’m involved in 2 more joint blog projects: The HEA Cafe, which is a joint blog for all the RWAOnline published authors and Lust Bites, a new blog for Virgin Black Lace and Cheek authors.
I’m a bit worried when I’m going to find the time to write these days what with all these promotional activities!