There are three things that are a constant source of fascination to me-trivial inconsequential things, maybe, but things I strive for-the perfect shade of lipstick, the perfect handbag for every occasion and, finally, the perfect pair of jeans.

When I’m fed up I buy lipstick. It’s relatively cheap, comes in a million shades and makes me feel better than candy. Handbags are a minor (cough major) obsession of mine. I go to eBay and lust over the Lulu Guinness special edition bags and work out just how much of my advance I can afford to waste.

Jeans? I live in jeans. I’m a jeans slob. In the summer I vary my outfit into chino length jeans or a jeans skirt but that’s about as far as I take it. Of course, when I go to the RWA conference I leave my jeans behind and dress up, (this is when the handbags and lipsticks come into play) but normally I’m in jeans.

But how do you find the perfect pair? I have at least a dozen in my closet, none of which are perfect. Some come close. Some work on fat days better than others. But ladies, and gents, I have seen the future and its name is Zafu.

I’m not kidding-and no, they aren’t paying me-get this: go to, answer a few questions about your size and what kind of jeans you prefer and it will bring up a list of matches priced from the lowest to the highest. If you like a particular pair, you can even find out where to buy them. All this is free…sometimes I love the internet.

When you’ve finished playing around on the Zafu site, don’t forget to send me an email showing your perfect pair. And then go out and buy all my books in deepest gratitude okay?