Feb is a busy month birthday-wise in my family. My niece and her father collaborated for their 71st birthday celebration. She was 21 and he was 50!

In my house, my eldest son turned 18 so technically, he is an adult. It’s weird when that happens. One minute you’re holding this tiny baby in your arms and its screaming at you and you have no idea how to make it stop, the next, its over 6ft tall, eating enough for 5 and giving you slightly patronizing hugs from above.

I can’t believe I’m this old. I’ve decided that Mr Kate must have dragged me down the aisle when I was 16. He’s not working with me on this ‘slight lie’ as he knows damn well I was about the same age as him when it happened and I don’t see him lying about his age. (traitor) But I shall continue to fictionalize my life-I am a writer after all.

My daughter turned 5 this month as well. Last Sunday I spent an excruciating three hours staring at Chuck E Cheese and his assortment of strange friends. I hope I never have to go there again. So perhaps kids growing up isn’t all that bad.

Eldest son will finish school this summer just as youngest starts kindergarten in the fall. The thought of going through elementary school again is a bit daunting. I’ve done more than my share of State projects, mission buildings, science fairs, reading logs, log house building and cooking to last me a lifetime. I suggested Mr Kate might like to take over but he just looked at me funny.

Writing-wise I’m plodding along. Still getting used to the idea of actually being a writer as opposed to a pre-pubbed. Deadlines are creeping closer and I’m typing as fast as I can. I recently signed another contract with Virgin Cheek for a second contemporary erotic romance called “Roping the Wind” which will be out in the UK in December of this year, and shortly after in the U.S. It’s tied in to the first book as the hero is Grayson Turner’s half-brother, Jay.

I also found out that “Planet Mail” was nominated for an Ecataromance Reviewers Choice award. There are a gazillion nominations but it was still a thrill to be nominated for anything! I’m hoping that EC will accept the second book in the Planet Mail series which features Sven.