Driving me mad

Spring is definitely in the air in the Pearce household. Both my eldest sons are going out with real females. One I’ve met, one I’ve seen glimpses of. When I asked second son to bring girlfriend into the house to meet us, he looked at me as if I was nuts. Mr Kate and I had a lovely time telling him how we’d sit her down between us and ask her all kinds of questions, whilst feeding her tea and cucumber sandwiches. We wouldn’t do that really, but hey, after all the grief we get from our teenagers it’s nice to give something back.

Even more amazingly, eldest son is probably going to work in Target! I’m so impressed. Now all he has to do is get out of bed before 4pm on the weekend and he’ll be set. He was complaining that ‘apparently’ kids don’t get treated too well in most stores. Our reply was-so what? That’s one of the reasons it’s good to work at the bottom so that you can finally work out why you might need to get some qualifications.

Now all I have to do is get him driving. I’m not a great driver. It took me 5 attempts to pass my test. The first test I failed before I left the curb. The second, when I tried to drive off without the examiner in the car-(you get the idea). Actually, I’m a very calm person 99% of the time. The problem is the 1% when I’m a total loon. That side of me tended to come out in my driving tests. I did pass my Californian test first time but that was mainly because despite my suicidal right turn into 6 lanes of traffic, he couldn’t take enough points off. I’m going to let Mr Kate handle the driving issue!

Mr Kate is currently washing the dog. Despite being rather small, Hunter manages to shed a huge amount of hair. It’s unbelievable. And as you know from previous post, Mr K is the cleaning Nazi, he get quite het up about all the hair. Hence the weekly baths. I share my hair dryer with my dog. Even when it’s not his turn to be bathed and I have the dryer on, he comes and sits on my feet until I blow dry him as well. That’s show dogs for you!

Still busy writing. Kensington book off tomorrow in the mail. Fingers crossed it gets there. I’m trying not to read J R Ward’s ‘Lover Revealed’ too fast because I know I’ll have to wait a while for a new one. But, they are so good! I haven’t read anything for ages that has actually had me yearning to go back and finish it, so this series is a real treat! (Thanks Sian for recommending them to me!)

Micky, Minnie and musing

I’ve been busy, what’s new? Last weekend my friend Cheri emailed and asked if my daughter and I wanted to go and see Disney on Ice. Did we want to go? OF COURSE I DID! Growing up in a big family in England meant that exotic entertainment provided by the Disney corporation was beyond my parents’ budget.

I’ve always yearned to go to Disney on Ice so I think I was even more excited than my 5 year old. And good old Disney made sure there were plenty of opportunities for us parents to shell out another $100 in merchandising. I said no so many times I almost forgot how to say yes when she asked for some popcorn (at $5 a bag)

The thing was, she loved it…from the moment Micky and Minnie came out she was entranced, her whole body caught up in the magic. I spent half of the show simply watching her experiencing it. She danced, she shouted at Minnie to tell her about the bad guys, she clapped. It was one of those moments that as a parent you never forget.

On the Sunday, we got to visit some friends who live in Tiburon which is across the bay from San Francisco. it was a beautiful sunny day and I realized how lucky we were to have good friends and a beautiful place to live.

A week before that, we had a 4.2 earthquake and I literally split the dress I was trying on as I tried to get to my little girl who was in the bath. Earthquakes are weird. sometimes it’s like an express train thundering through your house, the windows flick flacking as the energy passes out. Other times its like a giant baby picks your house up and shakes it like a rattle. This was was a violent rattle making her bath water slosh around and all the china in the kitchen shiver and chime.

Once you’ve made sure you have emergency provisions and a plan for evacuation, there’s not a lot else you can do about earthquakes. Living in a beautiful place can have its downside as well.

Writing is going well. I’ve finally connected up some of the plot holes in my second contemporary erotic romance and I think I know how everything will tie up-and I’m only half way through the book! (plotters gasp in horror) sometimes when I wake up, little fragments and wisps of thoughts float past my consciousness and I realize they are important so I try and remember them.

This is why I’ll never be able to teach a structured class on how to write. Can you imagine it? “Yeah just write stuff and then close your eyes and all will be revealed” that would be a short class.

My first Kensington book is due in at the beginning of April. I’m just about to start the last revision-the last opportunity to make it sparkle before I ship it off. Terrified, me?