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The school year is thankfully drawing to a close and Mr Kate and I are gearing up for our first All-American Senior graduation season. It seems a bit like planning a wedding. Various people keep asking me to write them big checks for small things which apparently are ‘essential’.

For instance, my son produced a catalog full of gimmicky T-shirts, mugs, statuettes, class rings, photo frames, etc etc, you name it, my son could have his visage applied to it. On the extremely complex order form was a small box about a quarter of an inch in size which I almost missed. This was where he had to order his robes. Now they are apparently the only ‘essential’ part, so I obediently coughed up a medium size check which he promptly forgot to hand in and I caught him trying to mail a week later.

Then there were the graduation photos. Another check and a deposit resulted in a set of proofs with my son dressed in a fake tux grinning inanely. He has thick black naturally curly hair which is long-when I saw the results, I had a terrible deja-vu moment back to the early seventies when disco was hip and so were afro’s. It dawned on me the other day that I hadn’t actually received any photo’s despite said checks so I called the company who said that the fee only covered the sitting and the 2×2 ins photo for the yearbook. Realizing that I really couldn’t get away with not having a real photo of him at this important moment in his life, I’ve asked them to send the proofs back and I’m readying the check book.

Here’s what he has lined up, (parents insert $$$ signss and ker ching sounds as we go). Senior Ball-held in San Francisco-I assume he’ll need to get there-tux, limo anyone?
Senior Breakfast-I ‘think’ I paid for that one in the Senior gold package at registration
Year book-ditto
Graduation ceremony
Senior grad night-an all night party at the school.

I suppose I sound like a bad parent here…it’s my British roots showing. When I left school at 18 we did-nothing. No big party’s no graduation ceremony, no big checks to pay out. Part of me loves the whole graduation idea, getting dressed up, feeling special (it’s that bride thing again) but the distinctly British parsimonious part of myself is thinking HOW MUCH???

Son #2 reckons I’m just cheap. Sometimes I agree with him. My only consolation is that Mr Kate is even cheaper than I am. He suggested our eldest should pay for all of this himself now that he is working at Target. (Eldest is still in shock from us insisting on a small cut of his wages.) I won’t go that far but I still find myself muttering as hundreds of dollars flow happily out the door.

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