Please welcome Jan Kenny to my blog. She writes novels about real cowboys from the old Wild West and I just love that genre. Jan also has a very interesting call story which shows that perseverance does pay off! And hey, it’s always nice to salute someone who took a few years to get published like me!

1. When did you start writing and how long did it take for you to get

Wow, it was a long journey for me. I wrote my first historical novel thirteen years ago, sent it to New York, and then waited a year for the reject. Then I spend two long frustrating years rewriting that first novel for an editor, and resubmitting, and waiting, and ultimately getting rejected. I was so naive about the business, and there are still things I’m learning, but I wasted four years with the first novel before I finally shoved it under the bed and wrote the second book. I got an agent with that work which was a Dell Diamond Debut finalist, and while the agent was (supposedly) shopping it around, I wrote my third novel. When my agent finally (after a year) confessed that she’d lost all record of my book, I cut all ties with her. There was a spate of family illness after that where my writing was sporadic.

When I got serious about writing three years ago, I rewrote my third novel but couldn’t find an agent for it because “nobody” was publishing western historicals. So I wrote several romantic suspense novels that I now believe were a great learning exercise for me. Then at the insistence of a good friend, I queried Kensington, submitted the novel and got The Call. That submission to acceptance took me a month.

2. Have you always been interested in the old West?

Always. I love cowboys and the western way of life, and our country’s rich history.

3. What gave you the idea for this particular story?

I was researching an article and came across this snippet about an Irish promoter who lured sons of English nobility to Kansas on the pretext of teaching them how to farm, etc. They established the town of Runnymede, did more drinking, fox hunting and gambling than tending their land, and their fathers cut off their stipends. The majority of the English citizens went home, which gave me the idea of “what if one stubborn women didn’t want to return to England?”

4. What do you most admire about your main characters and what do you
want your readers to take away from reading this book?

Their drive to achieve their goals and never give up, even when the world seems against them.

5.What are your plans for the future, writing wise?

My second western historical comes out from Kensington April 08, and I just submitted the proposal for a third book in that series. At present, I’m working on two other proposals. One is a fun paranormal, and the other is a dark romantic suspense. And I also have ideas for another western historical series.

6. Tell us something interesting about you that isn’t commonly known (promise we won’t tell)

Well, if you promise you won’t tell– 😉 When I was a teenager, I posed nude for a painting. Nuff said.

Janette Kenny
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