I have more pictures from RWA-not mine, of course, although I did take my camera I forgot to take many pictures. I’m truly lousy at taking photos so you didn’t miss anything except the back of Nora Robert’s head and a few elbows!
Oops I just kicked my dog right in the nose with my big toe, he’s looking at me funny now-okay, now he’s licking my toes-would I be sick if I said I kind of liked it?

Here’s a great picture of Ms Lilian Feisty, an RWAOnliner and EC author, and yes, she is just as naughty as she looks. Beware Feisty, she is Trouble-in the nicest possible way of course! And before you ask, yes that is me in the red cowboy hat and flashing feather boa. It was the obligatory RWAOnline party wear along with red shoes, honest.

Another special person-Ms Louisa Edwards, stalker extraordinaire and book reader/critter who is very keen to get her hands on Peter’s story from the second Kensington book, no idea why 🙂 Louisa has just won a print copy of “Planet Mail” which is why she is looking so happy!

The fabulous Maria Geraci, another person who gets bombarded by crit requests from yours truly and always comes through. She is looking through a deck of EC playing cards that I gave out at the RWAOnline party and seems to like what she sees.

Okay Blogger is throwing a hissy fit at me so I’ll upload more photo’s later.
One more nice thing, I got a review for “Where have all the Cowboys gone?” from Lisa Freeman at The Romance Studio, who said this:
“What an amazingly rich and engrossing story! I was hooked from the very beginning and absolutely did not stop reading until the very end. I loved how Lauren’s emotions and attitude were so easily understood by Grayson, and his feelings were so strong and reliable. This is one cowboy you don’t want to miss! I hope to read more by this very talented author in the future.”
Thank you Lisa…