I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this amazing book by M J Rose. It arrived in the mail on a Saturday afternoon and I took a quick peak at it…5 hours later I was still reading as I got dinner and 4 hours after that, Mr Kate was wrenching it out of my hands so that he could go to sleep.

When he asked me what was so good about it and whether he’d like it, I had no hesitation in recommending it to him. I told him that for me, it was like the thinking woman’s Da Vinci Code. It has the same fast pace and elements of mystery, terror and suspense as the DC and a lot more. The characters are all so well drawn that you get pulled right into the story along with them.

I finished the book Sunday lunchtime and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was doubly hard because no one else I knew had got to read it yet and I was dying to talk about it with someone else. (It’s a bit like the Harry Potter books, I always finish first then haunt everyone else until they do too)

I’m going to steal a bit of the book blurb to share with you because they did a far better job of describing the book than I could (you all know my blurbing limits)

“A bomb in Rome. A flash of bluish white light and photographer Josh Ryder’s world exploded. From that instant, nothing would ever be the same.

As Josh recovers, his mind is increasingly invaded with thoughts that have the emotion, the intensity, the intimacy of memories. But they are not his memories. They are ancient…and violent. A battery of medical and psychological tests can’t explain Josh’s baffling symptoms. and the memories have an urgency that he can’t ignore-pulling him to save a woman named Sabrina…and the treasures she is protecting.

But who is Sabrina?

Desperate for answers, Josh turns to the world renowned Phoenix Foundation-a research facility that scientifically documents cases of past life experiences. His findings there lead him to an archaeological dig and to Professor Gabriella Chase who has discovered an ancient tomb-a tomb with a powerful secret that threatens to merge the past with the present.Here, the dead call out to the living and murders of the past become murders of the present.”

Seriously, if you enjoyed the Da Vinci code and would like to see what an incredibly skilled female writer can do with a similar idea, read this book, you won’t be disappointed.