bad mother-good writer?

I’m in disgrace with Mr Kate and my 5 yr old daughter, just because I borrowed a few Barbie’s, well one Barbie (Belle) and two boy Barbie’s (Beast in human form and Prince Charming).

I was writing this erm sex scene and trying to work out how to co-ordinate everyone’s limbs and I needed help. Of course, no one was home so I had to improvise-hence the Barbie’s…Luckily one of the men was also double jointed which made everything work perfectly.

Unfortunately, I just dropped the pile of bodies to the floor and forgot about them as I carried on writing. Several hours later, Mr Kate fell over them and inquired as to why my daughter had left them there, To be fair, I said it was my fault and explained why. Mr K’s face was a picture…and suddenly I felt bad for using my sweet little girl’s toys for salacious purposes.

When my daughter saw the Barbie’s I got a lecture about asking before taking someone else’s toys and using the words ‘please and thank you’, which sounded terribly familiar. She also told me to put the boy Barbie’s away in the drawer because she didn’t like them very much.

So the scene came out great but my family aren’t so impressed-but what’s a writer to do?

I have Jane Lockwood guest blogging next week about her historical erotic romance “Forbidden Shores”. Jane is another ex-Brit so the conversation might turn to tea!

I had a great time last night in Tibron answering questions from a wonderful group of book club women. It was nice to be asked to come and I hope I represented my genre and my naughty writing well!

Come chat with me!

Tomorrow night 6:00 pm pacific time (you’ll have to work that out among yourselves, I have trouble enough with my time zone) I will be chatting here:

Join RWA Online’s Erotic Published Authors for our erotic romance genre chat on Thursday, September 20, 2007, from 9pm to 10pm EST. This chat will be open to the public so feel free to invite your friends! Everyone is welcome!
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The chat will feature, Kate Pearce, Cara Carnes, Bonnie Rose Leigh and Monica Burns!

Your lovely chat divas,
~Marly and Jenna

AND-on Friday through Sunday (21st-23rd)
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Toes woes

Did you know that-
Walking into one of these:

Results in you gaining one of these?
Please note, the hairy leg is not mine, I promise.

I didn’t until a couple of weeks ago when I walked into the corner of the Tibetan chest on my landing, not dissimilar to this one except mine is more red, and two of my toes went one way and three the other. I admit to saying some very very naughty words in front of my daughter because somehow I knew it was bad.

But in true British stiff upper lip, hospitals are for sick people mode, I hobbled around for over a week unable to put my left foot flat on the ground. Eventually even Mr Kate, who up till then had been enthusiastically applauding my ability to still manage my life without asking him to do too much, suggested I might want to take my toes to the doctor.

I pointed to my expertly bandaged buddied up toes. “This is all they will do and charge me a gazillion dollars for.” But no, even that appeal to Mr K’s wallet didn’t work so I went to the doctors who made me fill out all their forms again because apparently they hadn’t seen me for so many years that I didn’t register on their computers. (Did I mention I’m not keen on hospitals?)

Of course they send me for an x-ray and lo and behold I had indeed fractured almost right through my second toe in! I thought I’d be able to go home but apparently I needed to see an orthopedic specialist-for taping toes? I wondered, but didn’t say it out loud. I was indeed beyond buddy tape…

Hence the boot for 6 weeks minimum and a bone knit time of approx 3-4 months…
I feel very stupid.

Disadvantages to having the boot:
1. it weighs a ton and lugging it around makes me cross.
2. it makes me feel stoopid
3. I can’t wander the stores at my leisure (Mr Kate thinks this is a definite plus!)
4. Everyone does this peculiar sniggering snorting thing whenever I stomp past.

Advantages to having the boot:
1. Mr Kate makes me lots of cups of tea and helps out a bit more in the carrying dept.
2. I’m getting more writing done because I can’t go out so much.
3. My family get to laugh at me and call me Hoppy and Hobbly and I can’t chase after them-laughter is good right?
4. I now have a pet toe called Mr Cracky.
5. I got a prescription for vicodin 🙂

A question for anyone who is American-what is the white shoes and labor day thing all about?