This time around our huge competition offers you the chance to get goosebumps on your goosebumps with a whole heap of scary, spooky and downright disturbing fiction. Just comment once on this post to win and win BIG. This is the one you don’t want to miss.

If you’ve never commented on a Lust Bites post before delurk, loud and proud – we have a stat counter, we know you’re there – and yell out, ‘I read Lust Bites and I love it!’ And if you’ve commented many times, we love you – oh so much – don’t forget to say hi here too. And one lucky, lucky winner will receive so much scary stuff they’ll be screaming all night long. Here’s what you could win:

Cruel Enchantment: Janine Ashbless’s seminal, ground-breaking, collection of beautiful filthy fairy tales.

Gothic Blue: Portia da Costa’s reissued paranormal classic. Way ahead of it’s time, this intriguing tale was first published back when Black Lace didn’t ‘do’ paranormals.

Love on the Dark Side: Black Lace’s latest short story collection, packed full of paranormal lusty tales.

Split: Kristina Lloyd’s brand new erotic classic – a story of submission and bondage at the hands of a diabolical puppet master.

The Silver Collar: The first book in Mathilde Madden’s dirty, gorgeous silver werewolf trilogy.

Dark Designs: Madelynne Ellis’s wonderfully decadent, gothic wedding set tale of boy on boy fantasies and reality – set to a yaoi beat.

The Ten Visions: Olivia Knight’s perfectly written story of Oxford witchery-pokery.

AND Lust Bites: The brand new vampire novella collection from Black Lace featuring stories by Kristina Lloyd, Portia da Costa and Mathilde Madden. Be one of the first to get their mits on this eagerly awaited new direction for Black Lace. Not even out in the UK yet!

Winners will be announced in Coming Attractions on Sunday

Go! Now! Comment to win! Tell us your favourite thing about Lust Bites.