Speaking of tying, ROPING THE WIND came out in the UK on Dec 6th! and I’m amazed, if slightly surprised, to find that both my cowboy books have made the amazon.uk bestselling Western list today-I didn’t even know amazon.uk kept such stats, but apparently they do, and there I am-along with all the other erm, traditional western authors! Go read an excerpt of the book on my website or a really naughty one on myspace

And here I am, on my vacation in Sedona on the vortex walk, trying to sense the energy coming off the canyon walls. Mr Kate took the picture because he refused to look stoopid doing what I was doing. The weird thing was that while I focused on the canyon I felt this immense sense of negative pressure. Of course later that evening I understood why. I spent the entire night being ill with gastric flu and the next day in bed-and not in a good way. Obviously that halo of light around me was not the angelic presence I hoped!

And here’s a picture of Hunter, my dog, no reason really for it, just that he looks so cute and I know that most people who read this blog are far more interested in Mr Kate and the dog that they are in my me!

Life is weird at the moment. I finished all the writing projects I intended to this year, got 4 books in to their respective publishers and a proposal, and a short story. So that was all great. Personally, it’s been a year full of family health issues, searching for balance and trying to survive having 4 kids, three of them teenage boys. I’m hoping next year will prove to be smoother-but then I suppose I’ve always been an optimist!

I’m looking forward to seeing the two books coming out in Jan and Feb, “Simply Sexual” and Roping the Wind” but secretly terrified that I’ll get trashed not once, but twice in the same issue of Romantic Times when the reviews come out. Maybe I’d better not go and look and pretend it’s nothing to do with me.

I’m also trying to do the Christmas shopping but fate is conspiring against me. First off, my laptop broke and I’ve had a mad scramble making sure that most of my important stuff was backed up (yes!), failing to reconnect with my other email account (bad) losing my check card (very bad) and trying to log in and pay for stuff without the right passwords, bank accounts or info. Maybe I’ll just give everyone coal this year…

Hope you are all fairing better than me!
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