Happy Tuesday everyone! Even though its raining here, it’s still a wonderful day because today is the official release date for SIMPLY SEXUAL! Yes, I know some of you have already bought and read your copy, but these things happen 🙂

Comment in the next 5 days and win the chance to own an original Regency fashion plate from 1820 and a signed cover flat of Simply Sexual.

Good luck!

Kate x

Knicker shock

It was my birthday last Saturday and dear Mr Kate took me up to San Francisco for a day of shopping and lunching and general merriment,(i.e. no kids) Initially I’d decided to get a new handbag, a brown one, to match my new Ariat cowboy boots, see left, but nothing inspired me enough to spend big bucks on it, well Mr Kate’s big bucks, but you know what I mean 🙂

We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory at the top of the Macy’s building and regrouped. I asked dear Mr Kate if he could look up a British store that I’d heard had a shop in San Francisco on his iphone. He looked a bit skeptical but when I mentioned it was fancy lingerie, he suddenly became much more interested. We located the store just off Union Square on Geary Street and headed down there, stopping in Neiman Marcus on the way.

Of course, while we were in NM, we saw a lovely Issey Miyake cardigan in beautiful reds, oranges and yellow. We both liked it and filed it away for future reference in case I didn’t find a handbag. then we went in search of the lingerie.

Agent Provocateur turned out to be a fabulous little shop. Mr Kate made himself at home on the fancy seats while I tried on about twenty different bras with the help of a sales assistant. I fell in love with two of them and decided, seeing as my lovely MIL had left me some birthday money as well, that I could afford to really splash out and get two sets. Being a generous woman, I decided to let Mr Kate pick his favorite style of matching underwear.

And here’s where I slipped up. I didn’t check the prices of the knickers…I knew the bras were expensive and I reckoned the knickers would be about a third of the bra price. Um, no…the bill was humongous and Mr Kate just paid it like a lamb and off we went.

He still wasn’t speaking 2 blocks down and he had this kind of dazed look in his eyes. Meanwhile, I was checking in the very fancy bag for the receipt and finding out just how expensive a set of French made British imported knickers can be. I was laughing so much that I offered to take them back, but Mr K wouldn’t hear of it. He even still wanted to buy me the Issey Miyake top! Luckily for us, NM only takes American Express and their own charge card, neither of which we had on us!

So feast your eyes on my new knickers and remember-always check the price before you reduce your husband to complete speechlessness…

I won something!

Look at me! I won for my Virgin ‘Cheek’ book “Where have all the Cowboys gone?”
from cataNetwork Reviewers Choice Awards 2007!

How exciting!

Now I must go and write my acceptance speech and lose 40 llbs to fit into that Armani dress I covet.

congrats to the other winners too!

Double Tagged!


Two of my favorite people have tagged me, so I’ll have to play, at least a little bit.

7 random or weird facts about me:

1. I can’t stand the sound of polystyrene being touched.

2. I once fell flat on my face, for no apparent reason, at a college dance, (really this was before I even had a drink) I happened to be carrying a pint of strawberry milkshake at the time and it ended up all over me.

3. I hate people patting the top of my head, but I love people brushing my hair.

4. Some people’s voices make me go into a gooey trance.

5. My toes are double-jointed.

6. I once had long dark pink hair with a gelled back-combed fringe, the inevitable black lace Madonna gear and a ‘Frankie says Relax’ T-shirt. It was the 80’s okay?

7. Once when I was walking home from school with my younger sister, a dog came out and started barking. I calmly crossed the road and watched it chase my sister all the way along the street.