Two of my favorite people have tagged me, so I’ll have to play, at least a little bit.

7 random or weird facts about me:

1. I can’t stand the sound of polystyrene being touched.

2. I once fell flat on my face, for no apparent reason, at a college dance, (really this was before I even had a drink) I happened to be carrying a pint of strawberry milkshake at the time and it ended up all over me.

3. I hate people patting the top of my head, but I love people brushing my hair.

4. Some people’s voices make me go into a gooey trance.

5. My toes are double-jointed.

6. I once had long dark pink hair with a gelled back-combed fringe, the inevitable black lace Madonna gear and a ‘Frankie says Relax’ T-shirt. It was the 80’s okay?

7. Once when I was walking home from school with my younger sister, a dog came out and started barking. I calmly crossed the road and watched it chase my sister all the way along the street.