Drive-by signings, pacing and other stuff

I’ve been busy. I mean, really busy for me. Not only have I been promoting myself around the internet in a vain hope that someone will buy my new books, but I offered to run a pacing class for my RWAOnline chapter AND I decided it would be the perfect time to get my proposal in to Kensington for the next 2 potential books.

Call it Spring madness or something, but I theorized that it would all work out fine. it did, but barely, although I did find out what a lot of time I normally waste hanging out on the internet.

Both books are doing well, despite me. I’ve had some great reviews and some nice feedback from readers. What I love is that everyone seems to agree that Peter Howard and Anthony Sokorvsky really need their own books. Luckily Peter’s is already done and dusted and currently with Kensington awaiting copy edits and a cover. It even has a name! “Simply Sinful” and it will be out in November this year which isn’t too long to wait.

Anthony’s book is also in the works i.e. my head, although the one about Madame Helene has to come first in order for Anthony’s to make any sense. I love writing these inter-connecting books and I hope it shows when you read them.

Also in the works is the third Cheek book “Riding the Line which is about another of those pesky Turner half-brothers. Now Dakota is nothing like Jay. He’s much more laid-back, rather like Grayson. Dakota’s challenge is his traveling companion, the sexy as hell but spoiled and disillusioned Robyn, whom I based on the women who appear in my regular reality TV watching. Fireworks fly and Dakota’s laid back personality is sorely tried. 🙂 This book comes out in Dec in the UK and Feb 09 in the US-when I finish writing it.

I also persuaded dear Mr Kate to help me out with some drive-by book signings. The idea being that the author (i.e. me) drops into a bookstore and offers to sign their stock. Much happiness all round, costs nobody nothing and my books stay on the shelf longer.

My local Borders are used to me showing up so they were quite happy to let me sign anything. I did wonder if it might be fun to pretend I was someone really famous like Nora and see if they’d let me sign her books too, but I didn’t quite have the nerve. Our next stop was Barnes and Noble where I stopped in the romance aisle to grab a pile of my books and take them up to the information desk. This lady in the romance aisle gave me a funny look and said “You must like that author a lot.”

Of course I had to tell her it was me, didn’t I? She was delighted to meet a real author and I ended up signing a book to her and off she went to the cash desk. Feeling a little flushed and overwhelmed by such lovely enthusiasm, I took the rest of the books to the desk. There I got to meet the B&N community relations manager who was also pleased to meet me and asked me if I’d like to do a BOOK SIGNING in the store. I said yes.

I said yes. Okay I’m nuts. I’m so not an extrovert but I felt I should at least do one in my lifetime 🙂 So come and see me in B&N at Hacienda Crossing Dublin, California on March 22nd. I’ll be the one sitting by myself at the front of the store directing people to the bathrooms.

Flushed with success, we went onto store #3, Mr Kate laughing at me a bit for being ‘the author lady’. Store #3 were distinctly underwhelmed by my appearance and seemed bemused as to why I would want to sign anything. They came around and even put my books face out as I was leaving, but talk about bringing you down to earth.

Another person who regularly brings me down to earth is my 5 yr old daughter. Today we were watching TV and an ad for weight loss pills for women came on. She poked me and said “Mommy you should get this.” “Do you think I’m fat?” I asked. She gave me a sympathetic look and stroked my leg. “Well…you are a bit cringly.”

I’m afraid to ask what that means…

Roping the Wind out in the US today!

It’s a great edgy love story, that is, if you like cowboys, feisty surgeons and a love affair with no holds barred sex and attitude. It was a tough book to write because they just came out slugging at each other and didn’t lay off for the whole book-not my kind of relationship at all, but it seemed to suit them just fine!


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