First off-the good news. Kensington Aphrodisia offered me a contract for two more books! The best bit is that they are connected to the first two, “Simply Sexual” and “Simply Sinful”. So I get to write about the Madame of the pleasure house, Helene and Valentin’s half-brother Anthony Sokorvsky.

It will be interesting to write about Helene because most of my books are dominated by the hero, and in this case, things are different. I just hope I can make her sympathetic enough-she’s had a tough life. But, as I explained to my editor, I have to write Helene’s book first so that we can get to Anthony’s, because characters have to be developed who will impact his life and his happiness. Anthony is seriously messed up sexually and it will take an exceptional person to sort him out.

I’ve no idea when these books will come out, although I’m thinking the first probably late 2009, we’ll see how they go 🙂 It is actually slightly easier to write books when you already have some back story to help you along, although it can get a little complicated at times 🙂 Not sure what the titles will be either, whether we’ll continue to ‘Simply’ ones or not-although I think the awesome Mary Balogh has used most of them already 🙂 I picked a deliberately lame title for Helene’s story in the hope that Kensington would choose another one. I didn’t even try to find one for Anthony-I just called it “Anthony’s book” 🙂

I should have a cover for “Simply Sinful” in a few weeks. I’m looking forward to that-I think!

Here’s hoping you are all as pleased as I am that I get to keep writing these stories. I really love the characters and it really is a pleasure to enjoy myself and get paid for it!