It’s been a busy few days. Spring break for the kids with the obligatory visit to the zoo and the movie theater. At the zoo, I spent at least 15 minutes watching a gibbon swing effortlessly through the tree branches with more grace and speed than the very best Olympic gymnast. My daughter wasn’t impressed at all and tugged at my hand for about 14 1/2 of those minutes but I stood firm! The movie was “Horton hears a Hoo” which was also okay. Dr. Seuss books were just ‘meant’ to be made into movies!

Should be a gibbon picture here but blogger is not cooperating 🙂 Oh! Here it is!

I also got busy with copy edits for “Simply Sinful”. Got to love my copy editor. She pointed out that I’d abandoned my heroine’s elderly chaperone at an inn in Southampton and forgotten to mention her for the rest of the book! (oops!) All fixed now and all those 10 day weeks I keep writing. It is amazing that you can read through a manuscript 15 times and still miss the obvious…

I also got this last week!

This was supposed to be a picture of my new cover for “Simply Sinful” but blogger won’t let me load it at the moment, so I’ll send it as soon as I can! All I can say is it’s blue tones, the guy is gorgeous and the woman, not quite Regency. But overall it’s still hot!

Cheers everyone!