Now I ‘know’ it’s not shouting Regency, but it is still beautiful, especially the guy:)

Simply Sinful comes out at the beginning of November this year. Here’s the blurb:

A Wicked Proposition…

Forced to wed at a young age, Abigail Beecham is tired of living in a sexless marriage. She longs to succumb to the delicious pleasures of pure carnal lust that she has only read about. And if her husband James can’t satisfy her erotic needs, he’s ready to find a man who can.

A Wild Past

Peter Howard is accustomed to unusual sexual requests. His seven years as a slave in a Turkish brothel left his skilled in sensual delights. But there is little that actually arouses him-until he meets James and Abigail. Maybe now he’ll finally experience that exquisite feeling of bliss he so desperately desires.

It was so much fun to write this book, mainly because I knew the characters so well. But it didn’t turn out quite how I anticipated-you’ll have to read it to find out why 🙂 The best thing is, I get the opportunity to write two more in this series. So look out next year for “Simply Shameless” which is about Madame Helene, and another, as yet untitled, about Anthony Sokorvsky.

I’m off to the RT convention tonight, so if you’re coming, please pop by the book signing and say hi!