I’m back and the conference was…an experience. It was at times chaotic, awesome, hilarious and downright amusing. But the opportunity to meet fans, reviewers, booksellers and other writers was too great to miss. Meeting someone who has flown all the way from Australia to buy romance novels, including yours, and watching as someone retrieves a copy of your book for you to sign from their bag is a special experience.
This is Mari and me at the Fairie Ball, glamming it up, Mari is the sparkly one!

It actually made me realize that I don’t write in a vacuum and that there really are people out there who read and enjoy my books! It was also an opportunity to re-connect with some of my favorite writerly folk and meet some new ones. Writers are a strange breed. We emerge blinking into the frenzy of a conference of over a thousand chattering people. Some of us step back and observe, and others let rip!

Of course, at my age, I’m an observer. I’m proud to say that there’s no risk of any risque photos of me emerging from RT at all-unless someone photoshop’s me of course 🙂 And yes, there were cover models, lovely guys for the most part although I didn’t get into any conversations with them, just admired from afar. With a nineteen year old son of my own, somehow most of them just didn’t do it for me 🙂

Tawny and Erica take top honors in the costume contest!

I was amazed at the effort some folk put into their costumes for the Fairie ball, Ellora’s Cave Golden Era of Hollywood night and the Vampire Ball. I just put on any old thing and turned up and boy, was I underdressed!

The book signing was also fun. I was amazed at the constant stream of readers and book buyers. I sold several books and got to chat to some fans-yeah-I had some-it was so cool!! Luckily for me I always get to sit next to the amazing Kayla Perrin at the signings-it’s alphabetical-and we always share a few laughs. This came in handy when just before the book signing ended, the whole ballroom was plunged into darkness. We decided that Fabio must have arrived at the hotel and sucked all the energy and female hormones out of the air.
Here we have Sharon Page another great Aphrodisia author and the lovely Kayla Perrin

Big thanks to Lilian Feisty for the photos – I didn’t even try and take any this year mine are usually so bad…
More soon!