This is a very rare photo of me and Mr Kate-together. I have permission from the great man to post it, mainly I suspect because it contains plenty of his other loves-cars. The car directly behind us, with the stripe, is his pride and joy a 360 Stradele. What’s not to like? And as you can see we are surrounded by Ferrari’s

This Sunday, we got to go on a mini-Ferrari rally. It wasn’t supposed to be competitive but with over a hundred Ferrari’s and some very A type personalities, I suspect there was some major jostling for position along the way. I told Mr Kate very firmly that if he raced I would throw up and that was the end of it.

We were sent on a 65 mile loop of back roads that eventually took us back to the Infineon race track where the Ferrari Challenge race series was being held over the weekend. During the journey we got a little lost when we got lazy and simply followed the person in front of us-we took a block long detour and came back out where we’d started. We also managed to miss the exit off the freeway seeing as there was a bit of too-ing and fro-ing with some other Ferrari’s and everyone missed the exit 🙂

It was fun and people along the way seemed to enjoy seeing that many Ferrari’s at once-not a sight you often see on a Sunday morning! A couple of drivers who got caught up in the middle of great big bunches of Ferrari’s usually gave in and pulled over to let everyone go past-too much pressure I suspect. Although there were some Prius drivers who seemed to be quite happy to sit amongst the evil fuel guzzlers and make us all feel bad.

When we got to the race track, they let us all out in a very organized manner to do a lap around the track! This was exciting for me as I’ve never done that before. Mr K is rather blase about it having done a couple of racing courses there. Of course we only got to do about 30 MPH which was a little disappointing but it was still cool!