We went to my daughter’s ‘Open House’ at school last week and came home with a wonderful collection of her writing, drawing and school work. We also got to see the above-which was on display in the classroom. Not sure if you can read them so I’ll re-do them here:

“My dad works sometimes at home. Sometimes he goes to the gym. He comes to play games with me when he is done with his work. he swings me around and around and I get dizzy. I jump on him.”

All true. He’s a great dad.

“My Mom has black hair. She likes to play games with me (I’m really bad at playing games with her.)Sometimes she works and writes books. (Cool! one of my kids finally realizes that I have a job!) Sometimes my mom has enough time to talk to me.”

Well, of course, the last line made me feel like the worst mother in the world. You can all picture me callously ignoring my child in the pursuit of fame and glory now, can’t you? -Mr Kate thought it was funny because he got such a glowing report card-although I did point out that he sounded like a six year old, but he was fine with that.

So, yeah, job satisfaction good, mothering skills, zero. Is there really a balance out there? off to eat some comfort food now…

p.s. I sent “Riding the Line” in to my editor today! I hope he likes it! I’ll tell you all about it next time!