I got a lovely review for Simply Sinful from Romantic Times magazine. I was a bit nervous because this book isn’t exactly conventional LOL. But I was really pleased that the reviewer saw past that to the love story within.

4 stars.

Pearce provides an interesting twist to the standard “love lessons” plot in this story where both the husband and wife receive erotic training from a master. With historical detail, strong character development, a slight mystery, caring relationships and smoking hot sex, there is something for everyone. The action includes threesomes, M/M and sex toys, as well as light bondage and discipline.

Summary: Abby and James were forced to wed at a young age, but have lived apart for most of their 16-year marriage. Wanting a child, Abby wants James back into her bedroom, but both have troubling memories of their prior relations. Enter Peter Howard, who spent a number of years as a slave in a Turkish brothel. Peter is attracted to the couple and believes he can tutor them in the numerous ways to enjoy passion. These intense encounters result in a happy ending — just not what everyone expected. (Aphrodisia, Nov., 304 pp., $13.95)

—Joyce Morgan

I’m getting quite excited about this book coming out! I loved writing it because Peter was such an interesting character.
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Kate x