I got a couple of early reviews for Simply Sinful-I’ll share the good bits!

Harriet Klausner:
The refreshing spin to this historical erotic romance is that both Beecham’s receive sex lessons from the tutor. Character driven by the lead trio and filled with a variety of sexual scenarios to include ménage a trois, bondage, and male-male, the story line is actually a strong relationship drama. Sub-genre fans will enjoy this well written heated tale.”

ecata romance sensual
Amelia Richard

Genre: historical
ISBN: 0758223552
Page Count: 314
Price: $13.95
Reviewer: Amelia Richard
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 5 Stars

The erotic stories by Kate Pearce are blazingly hot, yet also express heartfelt emotions throughout. Although SIMPLY SINFUL frequently depicts lusty scenes pertaining to sex, it is the emotional aspects of the story which speak just as loudly to the reader. Regardless of whether the characters are interacting with another individual or just letting their inner thoughts be known, their convincing responses repeatedly show their sincerity and even deepest wishes. Ms. Peace writes the dialogue in clearly palpable terms, making every scene so intense that the reader will physically feel the sentiments of the characters. When the moment is more about longings and dreams, you will feel their desperate anguish with potency. If sex is involved, the fervent passions will titillate and make your own heart rate rise. The sexual exploits in this story are particularly imaginative, as the often hidden cravings of the characters are played out to the fullest. Their feelings continuously surface during these encounters, too, letting the reader know exactly how they perceive the moment as being more than just about sexual satisfaction. This story is not a conventional romance, yet each scene will draw you into the extraordinarily satisfying relationship where three people must come to terms with themselves and each other. Yes, there is plenty of sex and much of it originally unconventional, but the Regency period also comes alive through their earnest emotions. Peter, Abigail and James are each unforgettable in their own way, as vivid portrayals reveal their true natures. SIMPLY SINFUL is delightfully wicked yet profoundly emotional and totally gratifying.

So far so good…I”m sure there will be some differing opinions soon!

I’m going to write a post over the weekend, talking about some of my thoughts behind this book, and why it ended up as it is, rather than in a more conventional manner.