We had a great Thanksgiving week. Last year we were visited by the plague and everyone was violently ill. (see my post a year ago about my 3 day vacation in Sedona, AZ when I wanted to die I felt so bad) Apart from my daughter who has back teeth coming in-she’s six, everyone else was well and healthy and ate!

We cheated and got the Marie Callender Turkey breast dinner complete with all the trimmings again. It was worth it. I made my own cranberry sauce just so that I could say I cooked 🙂 Christmas is more my thing. I’ll be adding roast potatoes, home made ice cream, xmas pudding, brandy butter and mince pies to my repertoire! and let’s not forget the crackers-the paper hat kind I mean!

And I also have 2 new covers to share with you: the first is for Riding the Line, the third Virgin ‘Cheek’ book which comes out next February. It’s got the road trip feel to it and she is perfect-the guy I’m still staring at, I can’t decide whether he’s like my character or not.

The book is full of hot sex, snappy dialogue and takes place on the road and in LA. It reminds me of one of those old black and white movies with Katharine Hepburn or Clark Gable, all smoldering sex and quick wit and sexual tension. It was definitely fun to write. The nice thing is that because it ties in with the previous 2 books we get to re-visit Grayson, Lauren, Jay and Helen and find out how they are doing too!

Next up is the Spanish translation of Simply Sexual-Esclavos del Sexo Until I opened the box, I didn’t even know there was a Spanish translation of the book so it was a complete surprise! Apologies for the poor quality of the scan, it is actually in color, a pinkish, brownish bluish, if that makes sense. The cover is certainly different. At first I didn’t notice that there was a man standing behind the woman, but now I get it.

If anyone wants to go and check it out in full cover, here’s the link to the website.

I have more news to share, but I’ll leave it until later in the week! Yes, I’m mean like that LOL